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i have a really small lawn and it is not very good at keeping plants very long, and i want to go some vegetables and herbs. what can i do to fix this?


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  1. It helps to know what conditions are causing your plants to fail. Is the area too shady? Then trim overhead branches to bring in more light, or grow herbs and vegetables that can tolerate part shade, such as chives, parsley, mint, radishes, lettuce and other greens. (Most herbs and vegetables need a minimum of six hours of direct summer sun daily, eight is preferable.) Is the soil beneath poorly drained? Then grow your herbs and veggies in raised beds filled with commercial garden soil that you buy in bulk. (For our raised beds, we use a commercial organic potting mix that is loamy and well-drained.) Is your soil compacted? Then rototill an area in your lawn where you want to grow your herbs and veggies (you can rent a rotoliller if you do not own one), then amend the soil with compost. If your soil is heavy or clay, then add additional organic matter, such as rotted leaves, to help lighten the soil, or mix in perlite or pumice, both of which can be found at garden centers and home improvement stores. Good luck!

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