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I have a question about indoor plant lighting

Hi, I hope you can help me understand this better. For years, I have looked into plant lights for the winter to grow my herbs and I still am uncertain to what to look for. I remember, a man a long time ago had small desk size lamps used in a dark room with no windows. I know the laws are changing concerning the availability of light bulbs, so I want to make the right purchase, should I decide to get something. I need something small for very limited space, and within what I can afford. I tried doing a very quick search on Kmart, but did not manage to find an answer whether I could find something here. I thought it was fluorescent lighting, but there are also sun lamps which might help my skin too.


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  1. You can try at They offer different kinds of grow lights at a cheaper price but has high quality.

  2. First of all, two green thumbs up for maintaining an indoor herb garden in winter. Fresh herbs add so much flavor to foods that it seems I use herbs in just about every side dish, appetizer, and entree that I make. Fluorescent lights are still by far the most affordable, most readily available, very energy efficient, and generate very little heat. Special grow light tubes or fluorescents designed specifically for indoor growing (such as the T5 fluorescents) are available. However you can easily mimic their spectral display by using a standard cool white tube combined with a warm white tube. The most basic setup uses two fluorescent tubes that are four feet in length and housed in a fixture equipped with a reflector that curves down one either side (such as a shop light) to maximize light output. Keep in mind that you'll have better results if the lights are set close to the plants--ideally about 4 inches to 8 inches above the plants--and left on for about 14 to 16 hours a day.

    1. In response to Kris_Wetherbee

      Thank you so much for your answer, and I copied it to keep as a note for myself. I won't be able to use the better setup that is larger (no space) and I viewed on-line and in catalogs, but now I have a reference. I appreciate the expert advice and am so glad to have the opportunity to ask. I just caught the blog article about you yesterday, and had to figure out how to ask a question from this special section.

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