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I have a pothos plant I intend to hang outside this summer and want to know how often it should be watered? I live at Lake Chelan where it can regularly be hot and dry for 3-4 months.


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  1. Hi Don. There are so many variables when it comes to hanging baskets and container gardens: how big is the basket or container (i.e., larger sizes need watering less frequently); what type of container is it growing in (i.e., clay pots need to be watered more often than plastic pots); where is it located (pots in full sun need watering more often than pots in shady areas); what's growing in the container and their particular moisture needs; what potting mix or soil did you use; how hot is hot?; and, does the basket or container have a built-in water reservoir in the bottom of the container?

    That said, a good rule of thumb when weather is hot and dry is daily watering or at least four to five times a week if in full sun; and about two to three times a week if in shade. However, you can cut down on how often you water by inserting a self-watering reservoir for potted plants. Happy gardening!

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