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  1. First off, the two main things you want to avoid in any plant that is growing near a pool are ones that shed a lot of leaves or other litter, and naturally any that are sharp, prickly, thorny or would otherwise hurt if you fell into them, which is easy to do considering all the pool play that can occur. That said, you have a lot of options. I grew up with a pool and my green thumb dad was ahead of the curve by planting banana, palms, lantana, agapanthus, and sedums around the pool--all are great options. If you're thinking trees or shrubs, you might consider ferns, figs, lavender, viburnum, and honey bush (Melianthus major). Additional perennial options include elephant's ear (Alocasia) artemisia 'Powis Castle', carex, clivia, coreopsis, wallflower (Erysimum), daylilies, santolina, and canna (a personal favorite) to the list. Happy planting!

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