I do a lot of shopping in the garden center at Kmart as well as other stores. Our Kmart used to have a register in the garden center – it was so easy to purchase plants – soil – without having to take them through the entire store and dirty up the counter. I was just wondering why Kmart has decided to shut down the registers in the garden center as well as the doors to the garden center.


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  1. Hi, reedclark. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Can you please share the store location (address, city, state) or store number if known so we can research this further for you?

    Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback here!

    1. In response to laurelS

      The Saint Johns Michigan store also has the entire Garden Center shut off to the public which is sad because that is a huge waste of space when not being used for what it was meant for.

      Even with this area closed off I believe Kmart is still offering the same amount of merchandise in this area as before. If this area was put to use as it was intended for, Kmart would be able to expand their merchandise offerings.

      The area fenced in should be used for plants like it was built to do but now sits empty and filled with random junk. This area on most all Kmart stores seem to be in the same condition and really make the outside of the store look a little trashy. Love to see this fixed up next year filled with flowers/plants. :-)

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