I can’t believe Kmart sells…

Soda Stream products! I received a Soda Stream as a wedding gift a few years back and have been enjoying unlimited soda water practically every day since receiving this awesome product.

When I first started using my Soda Stream, Kmart did not carry replacement bottles and accessories for the machine. I am thrilled to find the Soda Stream and accessories now available on now!

Do you have a Soda Stream? Are you obsessed with unlimited soda water too? :)


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  1. About three years ago we bought one at a store near where I live that focuses on all kitchen items, total spur of the moment had to have it type of buy. We tried just about every flavor they had at the time but nobody in the house cared for it over regular soda.

    The Soda Stream sat on the counter in our very small kitchen collecting dust for over a year until the neighbor guy came over and mentioned how badly his daughter wanted one. Needing our lawn mowed and not wanting to do it I made a deal, lawn mowing for a Soda Stream. Great trade off because his daughter loves it.

    Although I didn't like mine because I love my regular canned soda, glad to see Kmart selling supplies for it. If I had kids of my own or had more stop over often I probably would have kept the one we purchased because its a good thing to give instead of regular soda & fun for them to make it.

    1. In response to izel8326

      Yeah, it could be hard to get if you particularly like the taste of a brand and SodaStream tastes different. I sometimes buy the SodaStream mixes and blend with store-bought carbonated water.

    2. In response to izel8326

      Hi Princess and Izel,

      So there is a distinctive taste difference?

      My kids drink Pepsi/Coke and Mountain Dew a 2-3 times a month. Have you tried these with the SodaStream, and if so do you think there is a big difference in taste?

      For if not, this may be a good way for us to go, since I am not a soda drinker, but do with soda water, a win win for my whole family!

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