I cannot view my cart. Every time I try and load it, it comes up saying ‘You can continue shopping by going back to the Kmart home page or,using the category links above or,returning to the previous page. As always, thank you for shopping at Kmart.”. I have a fair few items that have sold out and want to delete them and buy some other items. I have tried Google chome and outlook, to no avail. Please help.


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  1. I may have a solution. 1.Sign out of your account. 2. add a random item or the item you wish to purchase. 3. click the shop your way card on the side. 4. sign into it. 5. the site will sign your profile automatically but your cart will be empty (but at least you can see it). this is as far as ive gotten since i have yet to get any help either

    1. In response to randall.manda

      Wahoo! Thanks, it cleared my cart, which is exactly what I wanted to happen. I can start shopping now. Thanks Randall.

  2. Hi, Teds_1. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your cart on Please click here and complete the form to share this issue with the appropriate team who will contact you to help you troubleshoot this issue further.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for taking the time to reach out!

    1. In response to laurelS

      I have filled in the form and sent it off. I am not contactable by phone, so I hope they drop me an email. It has been two days and I still can't get into my cart.

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