I called & placed an online layaway with a rep.,I finished my order & thought I was set! I About 40 minutes later I go to balance my account & see kmart charged my account 3 charges,158.19,13.69 & 15.00! I only authorized 15.00 layaway,due to some of the items are no longer avaliable for online layaway they charged me for the items & never contacted me,just processed it & now say I have to wait till I receive them I need to send them back in order to get a refund!!!! This is fraud,illegal,yet I am stuck with over drafts due to a rep. who didnt know what she was doing! DO NOT use online layaway!!!!


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  1. I am having similar issues. Put a bunch of stuff on lay-a-away, paid for it in full only to have them tell me my order was cancelled due to "difficulties" and now they won't refund my money. Not a happy customer. I've gotten 7 different answers from 7 different reps. I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General's Office.

  2. Hi envoy9111969,

    We are very sorry to hear about your experience. We have escalated your issue internally and our customer service should be in touch with you to investigate further.

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