i bought something a week ago and now its buy one get one free is there anything i can do other than return it and buy it again


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  1. Hi, Drainbolt. Did you make the purchase online or in-store? has a 7 day price protection policy for products sold by Kmart online but the policy differs in individual Kmart brick and mortar locations. You will need to visit the store and speak with a manager on duty for help, as idahoshar mentioned, if you made the purchase in-store. Hope this helps!

  2. You could go to the store w/the item being prepared to do what you say, and speak w/the manager and ask them if you can avoid all this hassle and paper work, otherwise, I would guess you would have to do what you say here. Hopefully, it will all work out the easiest way for you??? Just another customer's idea (mine is)

    1. In response to idahoshar

      Yes, that's true. The managers can be awfully nice and make adjustments. The ones at our local store are terrific!