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I asked Kris earlier about tips for what to do with my wonderful abundance of grapes this year. My problem (which I know I’m not alone LOL) is while I wait for the perfect time to pick the grapes at their peak of flavor, the birds, bees, wasps and hornets are waiting also. If I pick early I can do pretty well. But if I miss a day or two some of the bunches of grapes are half eaten or I have to fight the hornets for them! LOL Any tips for how to get my harvest before the birds and bees? I don’t mind sharing, but they seem to! LOL


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  1. We have the same issues with our grapes. I've found that if I harvest grapes at early dawn I can usually beat any wasps or hornets before they "wake up" and start dining on the grapes. But wear gloves or look carefully before harvesting as once in a while there will be a lone wasp that has spent the night on the fruit. Some of the bunches have grapes that have been eaten by wasps, but the rest of the fruit on the bunch is just as tasty as ever.

    Of course you can net for birds, which is more trouble than it's worth in my opinion as I too am happy to share with the birds. But in our area the birds leave the grapes alone until they are just slightly past fully ripe. So the key is to harvest as soon as they are ripe and not let them linger. As for yellow jackets and wasps, there are traps that can lowers their numbers. One that Kmart sells is the Trademark Tools Beehive Wasp Trap ( And of course, any trap baited with pieces of meat will always attract yellow jackets.

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