I am wondering if K-mart will be willing to donate to a benifit for a family who has lost a husband and a father to cancer The family is in need of help to raise money to help cover funeral and burial cost this is wnat the benifit is for . Money collected will go for the cost of te funeral and burial and what is left over will go to the family of Clifford T (***** )of Danville,il


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  1. Hi memab4g2,

    Welcome to the MyKmart Community!

    I am very sorry to hear about this loss. Please know my thoughts and prayers are being sent out as I post my reply.

    We would be happy to provide you with information today in regards to donations. Please click the links below for further details.

    For donations and review the Sears Holdings Charitable Donation request Guidelines, click here. To submit a request online please click here.

    Please let us know if we can help you further. For security/privacy reasons I have also removed last name.

    Thank you!

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