I am trying to get in an order by tomorrow and need to understand something.

I did a search seeing if food was available for ordering and if any Hawaiian items might show up. They did, and I spotted a Hawaiian cookie selection, which is very inexpensive. You can add it to a list, but not to the cart. Is this part of mygofer, which I never knew what it was. It says the nearest store (which I can’t get to) does not carry it, and the other store here was not listed. So, anything in mygofer is only for store pickup? I am having a food craving, which is now not going to be satisfied.


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  1. Here is a one time scan then you can download, then one of the free essentials if you have windows.

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      Thank you, I had the one that downloads with Adobe Flash/MacAfee and I went back just in case to get the latest, but that won't help, and I though Microsoft's Essentials was now on, but I can't locate it to be sure (too rushed and used to a Mac), I have a few options, but will wait to figure out what would be best. I went to their site, which I was told long ago, but not sure what will help with e-mail detection. I appreciate your taking time to help out.

  2. Hi, For2Day. The item you selected is likely offered through MyGofer. Some items offered through MyGofer are available for shipping. Can you post an example of one of the Hawaiian cookie items you attempted to purchase so I can test as well and help you further?

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      Thank you Laurel, in fact the Shop Your Way portion was being worked on late or early, depending how you look at it, so decided to wait. I noticed how many choices there were in coffee and I live in the big city where it is not found. I hope this turns to on-line shopping, because I would have bought that perhaps. There was one that I found doing a search for cappuccino, but I was especially interested in the Hawaiian and the pumpkin or seasonal types. I have to come back, as I am having an issue finding a free anti-virus or protection for my computer. I can't afford one and with e-mail filter not working so well, this comes first. If I don't have time, I may order something else as I took the free shipping and got extra points that expire today. I would like to find out for the future, or suggest they eventually get these sold on-line. Even if I got a ride to our's , that store is listed as not having them. I would refer and purchase some then from the website.

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      These are not the products that I was talking about, but something I would be interested in if I neglected to get it on time. I found the most by typing in the search for Dunkin Donuts coffee, or pumpkin (that is what I would probably choose), and on the page you see details, but others such as the mocha mint can be added to the cart. It shows the nearest Kmart, and not available. I get rid of the check, switch the location miles and it still refers back to that K-mart. So, I am assuming pick up at store is only outside of this area. I hope this is the link that will bring you to see what I am talking about. And, the prices for the items I viewed are reasonable, with free shipping would be great for year long purchase. Really hoping something comes up before mine expires. Some items listed are not found in this area and very expensive to ship, or even buy in Hawaii-so especially hope to see this open up.

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      Forgot the link

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      Hi, For2Day. You are correct. The MyGofer in-store pickup option is not currently available in all markets. You should see messaging that the product is out of stock if it is not available in-store or online. Hope this helps to answer your questions! Please feel free to reply with any additional questions. The MyGofer team is working diligently to expand the in-store pickup and delivery service as quickly as possible so please check back as the service may become available in your area soon.

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      This has to be a real shopping experience.Look on Goolge for the receipe and bake your own.That would save you alot of time and trouble and probably taste better.

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      Normally, that would be good advice, but I am a great baker and the recipes are not found easily, unless you buy a Hawaiian recipe book. I am also experienced in tasting the actual foods, and can tell you a fruit from Hawaii is not the same as anywhere else, as well as other types of ingredients. I know specific products and that is how I found them. If you try to order them on-line and even on Amazon, the shipping is incredible. It just was sad to be so tempted, actually find them listed, and then find out, it is a no go. But, gee I won't say how much I got my order for yesterday. I told my friend I feel guilty. Let's just say, if I find what I want eventually, I won't be leaving soon.

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