i am trying to file income tax? what is the name of the company that handles KMART/SEARS PENSION PLAN ? exampe jackson hewitt, merrell lench/


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  1. I worked for Kmart headquarters for 19 1/2 years, was laid off in 2001, then in 2012 was offered the pension buyout. I deferred my buyout in order to receive a monthly pension payout. I went online to see what my pension would be at age 55, but kept getting the error of "your account requires special handling". Tried many, many times to get someone on the phone, but was always unsuccessful. I finally contacted the US Department of Labor @ 1-866-444-3272 and after they contacted Sears corporate, was able to get the info online that I was looking for. My suggestion to you is... Sears/Kmart is legally obligated to the US Dept of Labor to supply them with pension reports, which if you contact them, you can get a copy of the monetary value of all pension accounts they hold.

  2. Hi, DDGMA. Pension Service Center participant services representatives are available by calling 1-888-875-0498 or click here to view the Kmart Pension Plan Forms Page. This page will likely have all the info you need to get started with filing your taxes.

    Hope this helps! Please reach out with any additional questions.

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