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I am moving to a townhouse with a sunny balcony (east facing) and shaded patio. I am extremely fond of English gardens and would like to create that feeling in those spaces. Any suggestions?


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  1. It's very easy to create the look of an English garden in those spaces. Just keep the color palette soft and stagger the heights of your plantings to give the space a lush feel. For example, you can stagger the heights of your containers on top of other colorful pots, on stones or bricks or even put a few on a chair or bench. Think window box gardens as well as one or two larger containers planted with a shrub or small tree, such as peonies, hydrangea or roses. You might even grow a climbing rose up a trellis on the sunny balcony. Include a water element of some sort, whether a small fountain or bird bath or both. And accent with elements that heighten the overall English garden feel, such as statues or other garden art.

    Good choices for the sunny balcony include yarrow, lavender, asters, verbena, dianthus, petunias, roses, poppies, campanula, chrysanthemums or any type of daisy. Plants for the shaded patio are campanula, bleeding heart (Dicentra), foxglove, boxwood, hydrangea, geranium, columbine, violets, primrose, impatiens and begonias. Good luck on your move!

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