I am a Kmart associate, and I am trying to make a purchase on I have tried adding my discount card number onto my profile where it says SHC Associate number, and it tells me that my number is not valid. How do I fix this? I have already called the 88sears helpline twice. They do not have any answers and I am getting verry frustrated.


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  1. Hi, Maggie-7090. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your associate discount online. Please follow these steps to add your associate discount to your profile:

    1. Click on the “My Profile” button in the upper right corner of the Homepage or Homepage.
    2. Login to your existing account or click "Register Now" to create an Account.
    3. Once you login to your account, click on the “About Me” tab, and then click on “Clubs” link.
    3. In the Clubs section of your profile page (lower right), under the Sears Holdings logo, enter your discount number in the box (NOTE: This is the number on your Sears Holdings discount card).
    4. Click the “Save” button.

    Please return to the checkout process after adding your associate discount to your profile and reply here if you have any additional problems. We will be happy to help you further!

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      I am having trouble too. or maybe I am just confused. I started working for Kmart last week. I have already done orientation and my first 70 modules I am on scheduale now. I never got anything from my manager or HR about my discount. I made my SYWR profile on my own at home. When do I and how do I get a discount card for myself and my husband? Do I need to contact my boss or can I do it myself via internet somehow? Help! :(

    2. In response to laurelS

      Hi champagnebubbles87!

      Congratulations on your new hire!

      You will not need to anything for your discount card will be sent to you. Here is a little bit of information in regards to your employee discount.

      Associate Eligibility: The discount privilege is extended to new associates as soon as they are placed on the payroll and receive their discount identification card. No associate action is required. They are entitled to a discount as long as they remain on the payroll. Exception: Kmart casual on-call pharmacists and temporary associates hired for less than 6 days are not eligible for the discount privilege.

      If you have still not received your discount card by your first paycheck, please call our Human Resources from (1-888-887-3277) and they will be able to help you further.

      Feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

      Thank you!

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