I always have and always will be loyal to Kmart but I am frustrated and aggravated with the hiring manager at my local store # 3985. Over 3 weeks ago I applied for a job because being unemployed I am now in dire straights financially and want to work. Nita Pate who is the store manager is one of the nicest people you could meet and she wants me on her team because I know the store layout and I am always nice when I am there and she feels that I would offer great customer service. She wants me in hardlines but Kelly the store’s hiring manager has become aggravated with my persistents which in the past if you were persistent enough by letting the employer know that you are hungry and really want the job it almost always paid off. With Kelly that has not been the case who I will not say rudely but blountly told me on Monday that she said she would call me when she had time to look at the applications because the store manager (Quote) has her busy with other things. I really want to be a Kmart Associate because I have had past experience working at Ace Hardware where you are taught how to provide great customer service. And that customer service experience is what I would provide for my customers, in a time when Kmart is still struggling tho get back it’s identity. I have as of this afternoon spoken with the hiring manager at store #3624 and he said he should start calling people next week. That store is about a half an hour away but if I can get hired then I will go. I want to help bring Kmart back to it’s stature and help mold the customer service at any store. I am sorry for venting to you folks but I thought that my store’s hiring manager would allow me the opportunity to be the best customer service representative that I could be. But I will now focus on getting hired at #3624 in Winter Haven Florida.

I would like this to be answered by Kmart Cares.


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  1. Hi Kmart1701A. Sorry to hear you are frustrated.

    For assistance from Human Resources, please contact 1-888-88sears (888-887-3277).

    Hope this helps!

    1. In response to laurelS

      Thank you Laurel I have written it down and as of this writing she is now assessing applications according to the careers section of

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