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How often should I water a lawn that has recently been seeded and fertilized?

We recently seeded and fertilized our lawn. It has not rained often in the past few weeks so we are thinking we might need to start watering the lawn a bit. How often should we water and what time of day is best?


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  1. How often you need to water a recently seeded and fertilized lawn depends on your soil type, time of year, weather, etc. That said, it's best to water by sight and feel rather than by time. Once the lawn has been reseeded, you need to water the area thoroughly and then keep the seed bed slightly moist at all times until the seedlings establish themselves. Again, depending on your soil type, time of year, growing conditions and weather, you may need to water from three to five times a week, or one to three times a day, until the seedlings break the soil. After that watering can be reduced to once a week, or to three or five times a week. (Of course if you have daily light rain or sprinkles from Mother Nature you may not need to water at all.) Once seedlings establish themselves--which can take from five to 10 weeks--it's best to give your lawn about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water each week during active growth, whether from rainfall, supplemental watering, or from both sources. This will encourage a deeper root system. The key to successful watering for a healthy lawn is to water more deeply and thoroughly, but less frequently. And early morning watering is always best.

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