How often do you replace your child’s backpack?

I bought my kid’s new backpacks this year, and hope they will last at least 2 more years. Some of their friends get new backpacks every year, and they usually ask at the beginning of the school year if they are going to get a new one, as well. I don’t think it is necessary, and only buy them when they are worn out or the zipper breaks.

Do you buy your kids new backpacks to start off the new year? Or, let them wear them until they aren’t usable?


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  1. Great question for when my 2 kids were younger my son was the one who needed 2 a year.

    Normally he would start out with the one who ended the school year with if in decent condition. My son had a tendency of not using his locker and carried all his daily books in his backpack. I was amazed that he did not end up with neck and back issues for I could barely even pick it up off the floor.

    His packs normally ended up with holes and of course broken zippers due to the misuse of it.

    My daughter on the other hand took good care of hers and it lasted a few years at time!

  2. I don't have children yet but when I was a child I carried my backpack until it was so worn and broken I had to have a new one. I feel like I will continue with that strategy with my own children someday. I feel like there may be styles and patterns that are appropriate at certain ages and maybe there are times when a child grows out of a certain backpack but in general, I feel like my kids will likely wear their pack until they absolutely have to have a new one! To me, it's a good lesson to children in getting the most use out of what you have and taking care of your things.

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