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  1. 1,000 points equals a dollar. Also I never received more points on points used.

  2. Hi, kiki8706. Welcome to the MyKmart Community!

    Members earn 10 Points or more for every $1.00 spent on qualified purchases.

    Points are SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS currency. Earn at least 10 Points for every $1.00 spent in stores or online at Sears, Kmart, Lands' End, The Great Indoors, and mygofer. The more you shop, the more Points you'll earn! Earning Points is only half of the benefit. Redeem as many Points as you like at checkout to get money off your total purchase. Whenever you shop (even if it is with Points), you keep earning new Points. The earning and redeeming cycle is continuous! Yay for saving money!

    Hope this helps. Please feel free to reply with any additional questions or concerns!

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