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  1. I can't wait to have a long, unrushed morning run followed by a big brunch! Then, dinner with my family. My goal is to not cook anything all day. We will see how it goes! :)

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      Good luck! I have a feeling your family will make certain your goal is met!!

  2. Mom and I have started a special dinner date and a visit to the bakery section of Caputo's grocer in Naperville, IL ! No explanation needed {**,] !

    Happy Mother's Day to all !!!

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      Ok, yobarps ! That sounds fantastic. I LOVE Caputo's! We don't have them around by me, but when I am out that way, we ALWAYS stop there.

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      I don't know Caputo's. Someone explain please!

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      Hi Laurel !
      It's probably the most complete European-type grocery store (similar to WholeFoods)that I've run across in Illinois ! So it's bakery items of treats are simply phenomenal ! My Mom is a great baker who's hard to please :) And she simply loves their offerings !
      I'm a great fan of theirs too, JulieK :)

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