How do you plan to celebrate Independance Day this year?

I am planning to work most the day and attend a cookout in the evening. How will you celebrate Independence Day?


2 answers

  1. We were planning on taking the little one to the park, but instead her father wanted to take her to a family barbecue. We thought that would probably be more fun for her so she could play with her cousins.

    In the evening time we are going to play it by ear with her. We were going to use headphones and take her to see the fire works, but figured she will be to tired once she comes home at 5 pm. So instead we bought her sparklers and poppers and if she is still up when the fireworks start, she can then see them from where we live.

    Be safe everyone and have fun!!

  2. I think we will have a slow morning this year and then head to the beach with some friends. It is always a fun place to gather for dinner and watching our city sponsored fireworks. Hoping for no rain!

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