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  1. All you need to grow about orchids can take an entire book. There is a vast selection of different types to choose from, and each type has its own special needs. But keeping these tips in mind will help pave the way to exotic flowers.

    1. Choose the right location. Depending on the type of orchids you're growing indoors, most need 10 to 15 house of indirect sunlight. That can be achieved by placing plants from 1 to 3 feet away from a south facing window. You may need to supplement with fluorescent light, especially in winter.

    2. Check their temperature. Not the orchid itself, of course, but rather the location that they're growing in. Most orchid varieties do well with day temperatures of about 70 degrees F in summer; 60 degrees F in winter. Nighttime temperatures between 55 to 65 degrees is ideal.

    3. Give them room but keep them moist. Orchids thrive in air that is moist and humid with humidity levels around 60 to 80 percent. Humidity levels that high can be uncomfortable in your home, but you can create pockets of humidity around plants by misting leaves occasionally, by growing your orchid in a glass cloche or terrarium, and/or by placing pots in humidity trays, which are basically pebble-fille trays or saucers filled with water. The except to this rule are the terrestrials or cool orchids.

    Good air circulation is also important as stale air can cause an orchid to decline. A ceiling fan or portable fan set on low should do the trick.

    4.Water right. Water too much and too often and the plant will die. If you don't water enough the plant will die. In general, the right balance is to wait until the surface of the potting medium is dry to the touch, then water until water flows from the drainage holes. (Make sure to empty water in the saucer--never let orchids sit in water.)

    Orchids also require a special potting medium that contains fern or fir bark. And using a fertilizer designed for orchids will produce the best blooms.

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