How do I transfer the points I see on my receipt to my “shop your way” account. Tried to pull up my receipts but it doesn’t pull anything up. Have made several purchases and don’t see any of them.

also it says I have 10,000 expired points!!


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  1. You can redeem your SYWR points to pay for your purchases simply by informing the cashier that you would like to do so. The receipt will show your current balance as well as the base and bonus points you've earned for your purchase, and also the next date points expire, and the number of points that will be expiring then. To read your current balance, which is in points, turn the comma into a decimal point and ignore the digit on the farthest right - this is now the monetary value of your points. For example, 1,000 points equals $1.

    1. In response to ericdn

      Hi, margobordelon. If you are having trouble accessing your Shop Your Way Rewards Account online or feel that your receipt does not reflect your account online, please call the Shop Your Way Rewards Team at 1.800.991.8708 for help!

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