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  1. Hi, joep451. Thanks for sharing your question here! For help with an online order, please click here to chat with a Kmart Associate or call 1-866-562-7848 to speak with a Customer Service representative. Hope this helps!

    For2Day, thank you for the kind comment. :) Greatly appreciate your support!

  2. The moderator is most helpful here for most answers, but you will see on the right hand at the top-there should be Go shopping Kmart. I did not realize till your question. If everything is set up, once the moderator can answer more, there is a live chat. And, they really helped me with an issue. I was able to order with several payment methods at the same time. I do have trouble understanding the invoice or billing, but I checked and all was correct. I wish more people were aware of how the on-line ordering from MyKmart is exceptional once you get it. I got a delay ordering which worked out, because 1 item came in the next day after the site was maintained. Shipping comes faster than anything and you can see the tracking. On top of that, if you check a special shipping offer is shown so inquire-it will give a trial period for free shipping.

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