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  1. The secret to growing big and beautiful hanging baskets is lots of water, consistent fertilizer, and dead heading spent flowers. Lush baskets located in sunny areas may require daily watering in summer; partially sunny areas may still require summer watering four to five times a week. You'll also need to apply a granular fertilizer every three to four weeks. For liquid fertilizers, apply from one to two times a week during the growing season, or dilute the fertilizer to one part water-soluble fertilizer to three parts water and then apply every time you water.

    Use a quality commercial potting mix amended with a bit of compost and added perlite for better drainage. Rotate the basket for full and even growth and be sure to pinch off spent flowers to keep the blooms coming. The biggest and fullest baskets are moss filled or coconut lined baskets where you can plant the sides as well as the tops. The result is a big giant ball of flowers and a no longer visible basket. The hanging baskets in Victoria, British Columbia are quite famous. Over 25 plants are typically included in each basket. Here's to big and beautiful blooms!

    1. In response to Kris_Wetherbee

      You are right on point, excellent answer. If I were to add anything to this; it would be to make sure you are selecting region appropriate plants. It can be very frustrating to purchase an item with the expectation of successful growth only to find out that the plant wasn't truly grown for your specific region. If you are up for that type of challenge, great. Otherwise, maybe take time to do a little research on the internet and be sure to ask questions your Kmart garden professional for advice. Don't forget to feed your plants!

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