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How do I keep rabbits from eating my lawn? I don’t plant any flowers or veggies because of this. What can I do?


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  1. On the plus side, rabbits mow your lawn for free. But the downside can be quite frustrating as they devour grass seedlings or nibble grass down to the roots. You have many options; some may work, and other may not. Success depends on your area, population of rabbits and other available food sources. You might start with rabbit repellents, which can be found online, at garden centers and home improvement stores. The key ingredient varies, with some containing the urine of a predator such as a fox or coyote, some that contain garlic, dried egg or blood, or plant essential oils. The repellent can be sprayed on your lawn and also is available in granular form that you shake on the area prone to rabbit damage.

    A chicken wire fence or hardware cloth will always keep rabbits out of your yard as long as the fence is 3 feet tall and buried 6 to 10 inches deep into the soil to keep rabbits from digging beneath the fence. Another option is to sprinkle blood meal (available at garden centers and farm supply stores) around the perimeter of your lawn. Just keep in mind that blood meal is a high-nitrogen natural fertilizer. You can also grow your own rabbit deterrents by planting the perimeter of your lawn with plants they detest, such as lavender, marigolds, garlic and catnip. Finally, you can always get a dog. Good luck!

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