how do I file a complaint about about a store ,who descrimates aginist a disabled person ,a,loyal KMART customer

Recently,Ishopped at the northport al store(HWY82)I found a clearence item that I wanted to purchase,it was a nice pop up gazebo with screen on sale at great price of 99 dollars a respectly asked if i could pay for it and pick it up the following morning(IT WAS LATE in the evening).I was told no and despite the fact I am in a wheel chair ,Ihad to take it right then ,diaassemble it and take it to my CAR(SMALL)by myself .This was and is impossible for me,I was however willing to hire someone to retun the next morning to do this ,I wasnt allowed to do this and later I saw a employee take it to their car,(with help fromanother employee.


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  1. Kmart's black friday sale.

    Kmart place Pacific Regency Bicycle on sale in which they knowingly new there we're defects and complaints about this product because of complaints and returns.
    Instead of pulling this product from the sales floor they put them on sale so instead of it been there problem now it's the customer/consumers problem.

    I purchased this bike in December which it was to cold to ride at the time, so I stored it in my Den until the first week of March.
    The first week in March I rode the bike twice the same day well the second time the Gear and Bearings stripped out of the rear wheel housing, so now I have a piece of China junk that has sat in my Den ever since because Kmart refused to buy back this junk.

    I called Kmart and talked to the store Manager where I purchased Gastonia NC and he was the rudest person I have ever spoke too, if this is the way all Kmart Managers are then I see why they are going down hill.
    I called them within the time frame to return the item for either a refund or replacement.

    The Manager told me since I do not have my receipt he cannot give me a refund.
    and since they discontinued the product, which I see why he cannot give me a replacement.
    But I recently talked to someone at Kmart's Shop your way reward about my rewards I mentioned this to them, they said that's wrong on the Managers part, because even since I didn't have my receipt the Manager could have looked up this purchase on my shop your way rewards.

    But he failed to disclose this to me and he never looked it up. This was intentional on the Managers part because he didn't want to refund me or replace.
    If Kmart doesn't make this matter right I will never be a Customer of Kmart or Sears ever again.

    I printed off all the complaints I found concerning Kmart and this same Bike that was purchased by other Customers who said this product is Junk and that Kmart should be ashamed for selling such Junk.



    1. In response to Gary00761

      Hi Gary,

      We thank you for bringing this issue to our attention so that we may help you further in trying to make this right for you!

      I am very sorry to hear of the issues you have encountered.

      To help further I have escalated your concerns to our Kmart Cares team so that they can look into this for you. Once a response has posted I will be reaching out via email to re-direct you back to this original thread so that you can provide the Kmart Cares team the information that they will be requesting for contact.

      Again, we thank you for reaching out to us today!

    2. In response to Gary00761

      Dear Gary00761,

      My name is Brian and I am part of the Kmart Cares team. We are sorry for the trouble that you have encountered with your bike purchase, and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We would be more than happy to look into this issue further, and see what we can do to help. At your earliest convenience please send the following information – contact #, screen name (gary00761), phone # used at time of purchase to We do look forward to speaking with you soon!

      Thank you,
      Brian S.
      MyKmart Community Moderator

    3. In response to Gary00761

      I emailed this information to the email address you provided not sure what (Mjb1) is.

    4. In response to Gary00761

      We appreciate you doing so Gary!

      Please disregard the (Mjb1) that was our error.

      Keep us posted and please update us if you have any other concerns that we can help you with!

      Thank you!

    5. In response to Gary00761

      So much for me sending information that is requested by email when no one has ever emailed me back or call me concerning this matter.

    6. In response to Gary00761

      Yeah Brian I emailed all the information you requested to but as of 10/23/2013 I haven't heard back from anyone concerning this matter.



    7. In response to Gary00761

      We are very sorry to hear of your continued frustrations with receiving a response. We will forward your comment over to our case manager for contact. Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience and troubles this has caused you.
      Thank you,
      Liz R.
      MyKmart Community Moderator

  2. ccbham2011,

    Hi, my name is Brian with the Kmart Cares team. We're sorry to hear we've missed your expectations with regards to the customer service you received. We'd be happy to speak with you and ensure management is made aware of your experience. Please send the following information – contact # and screen name (ccbham2011) to Again, we apologize for any inconvenience we have caused and we look forward to speaking with you.

    Thank you,

    Brian H.
    MyKmart Community Moderator

  3. Hi ccbham2011,

    Thank you for coming into the MyKmart Community and sharing with us your experience!

    I am sorry to hear that you had not been treated in a positive manner. I have escalated your complaint to our Kmart Cares team to help you further on this issue.

    If you can please check back periodically one of our team members will be responding requesting additional information.

    Again, we thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      I am disabled. Not in a wheel chair. But it takes me longer to shop. I have been discriminated against due to My Color and Disabilities. They Follow me Constantly when i shop. Including and not limited to, pretending to restock things. Closing down the Handicap section early as in 4 pm in the afternoon. Bending in front of me to restock an item and saying " Excuse me Dude" Making it obvious they dont want me to shop there. giving me greaf anytime i try to get my rewards. I have to call the 800 number. Very Racist at this Location. I would be surprised to even see someone of Brown or Black skin working there. And the managers there are no help. They are part of the problem. When i go into the wee corner of a store to shop at all the Discounted things. that means i dont want to be bothered. I emailed already with no response.

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