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  1. Less sugars and hiking and fishing with my son.

  2. Power walking, yoga, strong abs DVD's. And watch my portions.

  3. Back to what has worked for me in the past :)
    I will be walking again after work (starting back tomorrow truly !)
    Also, I'll be re-starting a regimen of salads again for dinner, but the twist of incorporating frozen lean meals from the grocers, like I did during my Fall Outage of 12hr shifts for lunches ! There is some amazing food out there for us "non-cooking slugs" :D

    And Tea, those tea ideas rock ! I just picked up some after x-mas drink mix deals from BigLots too :):) !

  4. I didn't overindulge this year. I actually LOST weight around the Holidays--I was under a lot of stress. So my prob is trying to get it back on!
    I think I got an ulcer or hernia from all the stress, so I can't eat much now.

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      Hi, Almalena ! Sorry to hear of your stress-induced loss...
      Hopefully, this will change soon :):) !

  5. Hello kmarters if you are planing a fitness revolution - a buy a door gym - b stick to the program push ups dips pull ups leg lifts and sit ups - add in some squats and planks to carve the mid section and pump the heart rate also do it in the morning buy a diet suppliment drink protien concentrated with a water additive, all sets have 14 reps with a 8 second deep breath rest between sets .- c the results over and over every day adjust to time needed take your time tomorrow is another day to do it and feel the stretch . ttyl good luck .

  6. I was lucky and didn't gain any extra weight this holiday season. However, I am overweight to start with and have started watching fat intake and calories...along with increasing my fiber intake. So far, 7 pounds since Thanksgiving are gone!

  7. It will come off as soon as I get back to reality. I don't do anything excessive. Just eat sensibly, resume yoga and Wii Fit and ride my recumbent bike at least 3 45-minute sessions per week. The problem is that I have a problem with my right hip and will be having surgery so I can't exercise as much as I usually do.

    I haven't drunk sodas in years. I make my own herbal iced tea that I always have in the fridge!

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      That sounds like a good routine! Would you mind sharing how you make your ice tea or what you use? I want to start having something like that in the fridge for me instead of pop!

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      Not at all! I use a variety of teabags, including both the family size for iced tea plus some regular-sized flavored teabags.

      For a standard pitcher, I use 2 family-sized black teabags, 1 family-sized green teabag (Luzianne brand has these), and two regular-sized flavored teabags. My favorite flavors are peach, peach-mango, and blackcurrant. It's fun to mix flavors, too! I like to try new combos like Red coconut thai, ginger, anise blends, mint, and fruit flavors. I like black, green, white, and herbal tea blends, too. It never gets boring!

      I fill a pitcher with very hot tap water, add the teabags, and let them steep for at least a half-hour. After removing them, I cut a slice of fresh lemon and squeeze some lemon juice in the pitcher, then I stir in a little bit of sugar to cut any bitterness from the tea.

      The amount of sugar really depends on taste. I don't use much but I did use more when I first quit soft drinks. I recommend starting with being more generous with sugar in the beginning to help you make the transition. You'll find that you need less and less over time. :)

      The lemon juice adds flavor but it also helps to release all of the antioxidants in the green tea. Citrus about doubles the antioxidant benefit from green tea!

      In the summer, you can put the pitchers in the sun and use this method to make sun tea! I usually keep two pitchers of my tea in the fridge at all times.

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      Thank you so much! I'm going to try this hopefully this week and let you know! It sounds really good!

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      Good luck! Def let me know how you like it and what flavors you're trying! Big Lots sells St. Dalfour brand of French organic teas and the Golden Peach is luscious! I haven't tried the other St. Dalfour flavors but it is high-quality tea.

      Lipton is the worst. Poor quality and weak tea, IMO. The family bags don't make good iced tea. Store brands are better than Lipton, in my experience.

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      WOW! That sounds wonderful! I have basically cut out all drinks (except 1 cup of coffee in the morning) and drink only water. My daughter drinks quite a bit of tea and loves the green teas.
      I think I will suggest this to her to start branching out again on flavors. I like how you also mentioned mixing different flavors to add more of a variety.
      Thank you for sharing, wonderful idea ;)

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      You're welcome! Quite honestly, green and white teas are super good for you because they're packed with antioxidants. Green tea is also supposed to promote weight loss but I haven't noticed any difference on that front.

      It was my rheumatologist who told me to start drinking at least 3 cups of green tea every day. I have Lupus and scleroderma and the teas can help fight inflammation.

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      That is the whole reason why we drink them. I too was drinking the green tea for weight loss, but like you, I did not see a difference.

      I have cut down on all my eating for I have chronic back pain that limits any physical activity that I try to do. But even then, I have not lost many pounds. I do believe however the medication plays a big part LOL

      I am sorry to hear about your medical issues. My thoughts and prayers are with you in the hope that someday a medical cure can be found.;)

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      I just made my first batch this morning!! I added peach flavored tea! It's REALLY good!! Still haven't had any pop and now with this I don't think I will be craving it! Thanks for the recipe, londonteatime!

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      You're welcome! Enjoy! It's fun to experiment with flavor combinations so I don't think you'll miss "pop" at all!

      I forgot to mention that if you find flavored loose tea that you'd like to try, you can buy reusable cloth teabags at natural food stores. I bought mine for something like 25 cents each.

  8. My plan is counting calories and running! I couldn't live without my MyFitnessPal iphone app that helps me count calories. It is so helpful!

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      Good for you, Laurel! I've stopped drinking all pop and watching how much sugar I take in. I'm also trying to either run or take a walk each day!

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