Hooray for Basic Editions “Classic Fit” jeans!

I have needed to replace my “high-waisted” pants for a long time but it’s difficult finding pants that fit well nowadays. These things that start far down on the hip slide down whenever you bend over at all! I don’t care how thin or how curvy you are, “plumber’s ****” just isn’t attractive.

So the Basic Editions jeans are on sale and they looked nice. They come in colors, too! I decided to try a pair and, wow, they fit!!! They don’t slide down! And they look stylish and modern! The fabric is so nice that if you wear a longer top or sweater to cover the pockets/pocket details, then they don’t look like jeans and you can wear them for many occasions. Very nice jeans and very versatile! I usually buy Lee Riders for the fit but these Basic Edition jeans fit every bit as well and are less expensive! Oh, and they come in “average” and “short” lengths, too!

I’m heading back to the K to buy at least one more pair. They come in colors!!! Great jeans, great price, gotta recommend them! I see on the web that a lot of other people love them, too!


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  1. I went back to the K this evening and discovered that some of the colors were on clearance, and there's an additional 30 percent off the clearance price! So I got another pair of jeans in olive green for about $11! At that price, I would have bought more but, unfortunately, they only had the green pair in my size. Oh well.

    I saw some ladies with shopping carts full of clothes they were buying! I guess the good stuff and most popular sizes are going fast!

    Hope you find some good buys and great things, Wendy! Oh, and call me "Tea!" It's shorter, haha.

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      Hi Tea,

      I will have to try on sizes since I have gained some weight with my disability, so hopefully they have something that I can wear.

      My only issue is finding pants that do not rub my lower back raw. I have a high sensitivity since having back surgery in 2006 and I am having a difficult time finding them.

      It would be nice to wear something other than yoga pants every now and then LOL ;)

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      Oh, I know exactly what you mean! I've gained some weight because I had to stop exercising -- the labral tear and tumor in my hip are causing a lot of pain and I have to be careful not to worsen/aggravate it. When I have joint pain, I usually exercise to stretch and strengthen the muscles and tissues around the joint. But, in this case, that's actually made the problems worse so my doctor told me to rest it, grrr!

      I know about back stuff, too. I've had 3 laminectomies and 2 fusions. I had a vertebral decompression and fusion from L4-S1 last May! It has helped a lot, though. Once I get this hip fixed, I hope I'll be in a lot better shape! Did your back surgery help or are you still having problems?

      Anyhoo, these jeans are light and softer than other denim. The fabric is a mix of cotton, polyesther and a bit of spandex. Because I have connective tissue diseases, I have very sensitive skin and I'm doing fine with these jeans! Haha, that's why I'm so excited about them!

      Good luck with it, Wendy! I hope you find some great clothes!

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      Love the "anyhoo", I didn't think anyone used that but me!

      I will definitely have to try them on then since you had the same area worked on. The surgery did help by gaining the use of my left leg back, but after a few years I started getting all the old symptoms back. I try to move as much a possible but the spasms start up when I shop as well as my leg going weak again. But it is what it is and I am learning to deal with it. The most painful was giving up all my active stuff. After surgery my hope was to start running again.... now its just a hope so instead I watch my grand-daughter run LOL ;)

  2. Hi londonteatime,

    Thank you for sharing your great find! I think that is wonderful that you were able to find a nice pair of jeans that fit all aspects of what you were looking for.

    I will be shopping next weekend so I might just have to try a pair on to see if they meet my needs also.

    Once again, thanks for the share! ;)

  3. Did I mention that they come in colors? Hahaha, sorry for the repetition! That will teach me not to just type and post. An edit is usually required!