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Hi, I saw your post about moles and it made me think of the problems we’ve had with gophers over the years. They seem to eat the roots of many plants and trees. We’ve stayed away from poisons as we prefer not to use them and have dogs in the yard. The best luck is with traps but that takes a lot of work and vigilance. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks


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  1. When I was growing up, the common method was to use a water hose to flood the gopher run to flush him out, with someone waiting on the other end with shovel in hand. Thankfully there are easier ways. Some methods that have proved effective for some but not for others include noise makers placed around the garden perimeter, used cat litter sprinkled around gopher holes, and cayenne pepper sprinkled inside gopher holes. Commercial gopher repellents may prove more effective. GopherOut ( is made from pine and citrus oils and penetrates the entire burrow, causing gophers to go elsewhere. Shake-Away ( uses the smell of predators via their urine to repeal gophers. Give us an update as to what ends up working for you. Good luck!

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