HI..I am getting replies to my postings, but I am not getting answers. My questions: when is kmart going to turn aorund and start open 5-20 stores per year? When is kmart going to open smaller format stores like they did in the 1970s called group 9 stores? I see kmart stores closing weekly, can you open up stores in profitable markets? Who at SHC makes the decision to close a sears and convert it to a kmart? May I have their name so I can write them a letter? 3 kmart stores closed in Madison, WI. yet there are 2 sears stores. Can 1 of these sears stores be converted to a kmart? this area serves over 500,000 people, and the nearest kmarts are more then 30 miles away. Can we get one store in Madison please? Clay Wahl with SHC was quoted ad saying you dont need to spend 5 million dollars on store remodels. can you spend something? parking lots, outdoor signs, entrances, paint jobs, please? these are the questions I have been askling for a month, and no one will answer these questions specifically. Is there someone at SHC I can write to? who? If kmart was founded on low price and value, why dont they ad match? I KNOW they cant beat walmart on price, but recent surveys have shown kmart is 25% higher than target and walmart nationwide. SSK did not create kmart to have high prices. I heard 1 yr ago kmart would announce a new strategy. what is it? can kmart please do a hail mary and drop price, market a new campaign, blitz TV with the idea kmart is here to stay, will not be beat, and is doing a cross country overhaul of the image. A marketing campaign HAS to be implimented. I await your replies to my questions, thank you for your time.


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  1. All good questions. Don't feel too bad, my nearest Kmart is a 260 mile round trip and that Kmart I can't do online layaway with or MyGofer. I have to do that at a Kmart that is a 310 mile round trip and I get to pay a extra 6% in sales tax.

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