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Hi-we have a yard full of weeds. We want to rototiller the lawn to then start digging trenches for sprinklers. Do we need to spray the yard with weed killer, or is the rototiller enough? Thanks!



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  1. Rototilling is great for breaking up the soil, however the tilling process exposes weed seeds that will generate into new weeds. There is a way around this and that is soil solarization, which is best done during the warmer summer months. The heat from the solarization kills the weed seeds.

    First, rototilling the area and raking it smooth, then water the soil so that it's saturated from one to two feet deep. Next, cover the lawn with 2 to 4 mil clear plastic sheeting. The sheeting needs to be in contact with the soil so you want to smooth it down as much as possible, extending the sheeting about 8 to 10 inches beyond the lawn. (A large lawn will require several sheets--just be sure to overlap the seams.) Secure the edges with rocks, bricks, wood planks or other objects to keep the sheeting from blowing away. Remove the plastic six to eight weeks later and you're ready to start digging trenches for your sprinklers.

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