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Hi Kris – We have this weird vine that’s invaded our lawn for the last two or three years. I’ve been told it’s a wild morning glory. I pull, I spray, I reseed, and it just goes crazy. In flower beds, it is not deterred by layers of mulch, after being pulled and sprayed. It attacks my flowers and bushes, strangling them. HELP!

We live in Kansas City and the viney/weedy thing is most prominent on the south side of the house.


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  1. Bindweed is extremely tenacious and one of the toughest weeds to control. To give you an idea as to how tough--its roots can spread up to 40 feet or more so be on the lookout for seedlings far and wide. Forget about pulling the weed or digging it out. The best thing to do is to cut them off at ground level as soon as you see it and to be persistent. It may take three to five cuts, but the roots will eventually starve and die. Another option is to torch young shoots with a weed flamer. For larger patches you might try mulching the area with black plastic for at least a year but two is even better. Good luck!

    1. In response to Kris_Wetherbee

      A weed flamer?! How fun is that! I can get into that! Thanks Kris!

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