Hi—it seems so much effort is in to saving/renewing there any plan to improve kmart stores? not a little bit here and there, but a marketing/advertisingcampaig, telling customers new things are coming? kmart as a whole has not gotten a chainwide remodel since the 90s. Soek stores got paint jobs, but the stores are 30-40 yrs old and in need of massiave curb appeal. Just look at the SHC website under real estate, and you cna see pics of all kmarts, parking lots, store fronts, just so outdated. BIg beautiful target stores enxt to kmarts that desperatly need a face lift. Also in Madison WI they closed all 3 kmarts and left 2 Sears stores, could they have one of each. some of us dont care for Sears, but love kmart, I know some Sears stores were ocnverted to kmart sotres..can you consider doing this in Madison, WI> The mkart on 27th st in greenfield is so old, please go look at it to see what I mean..Have the store manager send you photos of his storefront!!!! its absolutley awful, but out of his control..its in the hands of SHC.lThank you.

sorry for the typos..


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  1. Hi, pmmwi. Thanks for sharing your feedback here! I will be happy to share your concerns and suggestions with the greater Kmart team. Please check back for more insight soon!

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