Hi I went to apply for the why not lease it I was denied because someone elses name appeared on or under my ss # I show proof of my ss# and driver # what do I do abt this

leased it.


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  1. The same thing happened to me. I put in an app and got denied and asked for a reason via email. Weeks later i get a response that my identity and income cannot be verified. I emailed them a link to this forum and told them how terrible their company was and their business practices were deceptive. Never have i been told my identity could not be verified and they never asked for my proof of income so how could they verify my income if they didnt ask for it. Glad i was denied deceptive and unorganized.

  2. i also went to apply and my info came up under some other persons name! I had to prove i was who i am! Now im dealing with the fraud dept, and the local cops to see what the **** is going on!

  3. Hi Beverlywright61. Welcome to MyKmart! I am very sorry to hear about this. Please contact the Why Not Lease It Customer Support Team for additional support by phone at 1.855.949.6685 or by email at

    Hope this helps!

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      Hi NEVADA12,

      We appreciate you reaching out on this issue.

      We have no knowledge of whom gets approved or denied within this program. A denial letter is sent to the member informing them to contact WNLI if they have additional questions.

      To reach a WhyNotLeaseIt program Representative, please call 1.855.949.6685 or reach out by email to

      Thank you for your inquiry!

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      Well , I was denied also. I was the one that was promoting this program in my church congregation. The number you are providing does nothing but keep you on the line for 15 min to then find out you have been denied. I was in the Kmart store for over an hour shopping, had already been approved. The problem was that the associate did not know what she was doing!!!! she ATTEMPTED TO USE MY DEBIT find out later that they are not able to use. Knowing that I had more than enough monies on my card, it kept declining, then my mother who had made her purchases with this program allowed me to use her card , that's when it locked my account out. The problem that I have with the whole thing is the embarrassment that it caused me, the time wasted, associates not being properly trained, and no literature or posting on how to pay or use your banking method to set the account up. I have made several complaints on another site that sent me a CONGRATULATIONS letter, to later see that the system was not working.... very disappointed in your services, your program you offered it, why make it so hard for the customers.... especially to look like it was being fraudulently done , perhaps there should of been questions and answers to fix the problem if your system was unsure about who, what and why...After wards when I was denied I sent my daughter who works and have her own, my husband who also works and we were all denied!!!! Nothing that stated one per household or address.... VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

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      Totally agree with you! After calling for what to bring after being pre approved I get there to be told you have to have the money on the bank and in hand at store same day

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      I went to kmart in jersey city nj and ask about the lease and go and was denied they say no credit required that a lie I have photo id and deposit I have income this is a rip off and iam reporting this to the better business this makes no sense

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      I was pre-approved for $660 had 10 days to use it, however every time I went to Kmart to use my credit what I was needing to purchase was out of stock. The last day i tried to use my credit Kmart why not lease it program system was down for past couple days and was not able to use my credit. System finally came up on 12/23/13 I got to kmart then I was told everyone that was pre approved got kicked out system during time system was down and I had to reapply, however this time I was denied. I work every day and have valid bank accounts and debit cards why Im being denied, then I find out several people who unemployed got approved. I'm filing a complaint against KMart asap. this is ridiculous and full of ****. I called and Email still no response.

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      Hi i have bin having the same problem as well i when to Kmart on 2/18/2014 took 2hrs to find what i need it at the check out i gave my ID and all what they need it to get approve and i got denied to then to find out that some ones name was under my SS# i sayyy What??? some guy name arberto?? i say i have no clue who that person was and it was my fist time applying to Kmart whynotleaseit!! then i guess told me maybe the employee put the info wrong?? i sayy huh? i was like wtf??? no training at all of the employee so the i call the 1800# and told me i had to send a email to i say huh?? why i have to go true all that trouble for the employee bin not well trained so i staeel call back after Kmart on top of that there Phone service couldn't make that call because it was a long distance cal i say huh?? lol wow i had to call on a cell phone lol jaja and i still did had no answer why that person "Arberto" came under my SS# i wasted my time and denied and stupid in front off other customers :( and i have enoff income to get approve!!! im submitting a complaint to BBB and other website to worn othes about this false Advertisement and who know is can be a scam im very concern about this "Arberto" under my SS# ????

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      You can use your debit card without any problems.

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      I understand why you're frustrated but why on earth would you promote a service to your entire church without first knowing that the service was actually something worth promoting? You can't really put that level of foolishness on the kinda falls on your lack of judgment. Of course your acct was locked: you used someone else debit card! Whether you had permission or not to do so, the card you use for your first payment is the card that will be used for ALL future payments! People want immediate satisfaction and that's really just unreasonable.

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      Of course you do! I says in the pamphlet that you MUST have your first payment available at the time of purchase lol. Did you expect to get something for free without ANY downpayment? READ READ READ.