Hi, I payed my layaway online for the first time on Friday the 8th. When given the option of how much I wanted to pay I chose “other amount” and typed in $37. However, for some reason, Kmart has taken $109 from my personal bank account and I really need that money. I have bills to pay and heating oil to purchase that I can no longer get because the money that was supposed to go towards heat this week is now in Kmart’s pocket. I have a 2 yr old child in this house and this is just unacceptable. I got a layaway contract because I couldn;t afford to pay for it all outright and I don’t appreciate this incident in the least. I don’t want to cancel my layaway, I just want the remaining balance of the $109 that was taken except for the original $37 you were supposed to take and I would appreciate receiving that money back before my oil tank is empty and my toddler begins to freeze.


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  1. ambiijp,

    Hi, my name is Brian with the Kmart Cares team. We're very sorry to hear of the mishap with your layaway payment. Obviously, we don't intend to make shopping with us frustrating or difficult. We'd be happy to contact you and assist in getting this straightened out.Please send the following information – contact # and screen name (ambiijp) to Again we apologize for any trouble we have caused and we look forward to speaking with you.

    Thank you,

    Brian H.
    MyKmart Community Moderator

  2. Hi ambiijp,

    We appreciate you letting us know of this issue and would be happy to help you further!

    I understand completely how this can effect's one budget when more is taken out then is supposed too!

    Your concerns have been escalated to our Kmart Cares team so that they can help resolve this issue for you.

    Once a member from our team responds, I will be reaching out via email re-directing you back for further contact.

    Again, we appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention so that we can help in making it right for you!

  3. You should be reported to CPS for such a ridiculous post.

    If your toddler is freezing because you can't afford to pay a bill, than perhaps you shouldn't have made the purchase to begin with anyway, huh?

    Call Kmart to cancel your layway order or address any concerns such as this.

    1. In response to vampirevsrobot

      And you should be slapped for saying something like that. As a mother I will always find a way. But when bills dont get paid they add up pretty fast. I do not want to cancel my layaway I simply want the money back tht they werent supposed to take in the first place. Cps my ***. Obviously my child isnt litterally going to freeze, I was talking in reference to the fact that so many of these places have a bad rep for not returning peoples money in a timely manner. How dare you say something like that who the **** do you think you are exactly? I came on here to get some advice or an answer to my issue not to have disrespectful asses like you run their mouth. So how about you keep to yourself since you probably dont even have kids and if u do I feel very sorry for them having such a **** for a parent and theyll probably grow up to be useless good for nothings anyway... do the world a favor and get sterilized.

    2. In response to vampirevsrobot

      I think you have overly reactedto a post that is simply speaking with logic- truth is, and being a mother myself- If you are struggling to pay the bills I think your toddler would not know the difference if you got them something different for christmas- buy your child something that you can afford with the money in your pocket- if you dont have the money in your pocket- than you cant afford it- I understand you want your children to have the best- but do it under your own means and think a little more logically

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