HI. I have not received a rely back from my question dated 9/28/12. I was told it was going to eb forwarded, but have not heard back yet. thank you


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  1. Hi, pmmwi. Thanks again for sharing your feedback here! I shared your concerns and suggestions with the Kmart store operations team. I will follow up with this team again and hope to provide you with more insight soon!

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      Thank you! ALso...someitmes I see a searss tore converrted to a kmart. Madison Wisconsin has 2 full line sears stores, and all kmarts were clsoed many years ago. WHo is the name of the person at SHC who decides if a building is a sears or a kmart? I sent a box of petitions containing 25,000 signatures back in 2011. I never heard 1 reply back, at all. I also heard there is a new kmart startegy being announced. I heard this 6 months ago. Are kmarts ebing phased out,l or is there plans to open kmart or kmart express stores in the future?

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      also, who decides if a kamrt wil lopen in a city. No new kmart has opened in years, aside fomr stores that were flooded, tornadoes, or a sears conversion. Did you know Wisconisn has closed more than 30 kmarts in 10 years, and opened none? Who decides enw stores? real estate, contruction dept..who is the one person who stamps a 'yes' and says build one!???

  2. If I had a dollar for every comment or suggestion about the condition of Kmart stores that I,ve read over the years I would be a very wealthy man.The future seems to be Internet sales the stores are being eliminated as they become unprofitible.This is my opinion but in my area they used to have 14 locations now were down to 3.I go to our local Kmart first when I need something but usually end up at Walmart.I won't purchase things over the internet.I like to take a carful look at something before I buy it.