Hello. I am a loyal kmart shopper. 40 years. SHC is pushing my limits by allowing its stores to deteriorate. I have seen media quotes from Mr. Lampert, claiming he wont invest FULL remodel dollars on stores, because of the chance that store might close. Question..why not do a ful remodel on stores you KNOW wont close? Question -I read a quote from Mr. Clay Wahl, who once said you dont need to invest 5 million dollars on a kmart remodel, that fixing up certain areas is enough? I ask him to see some stores in Wisconsn, and ask if maybe he could spend 1 million? half a million? on floors, parking lots, outdoor signage. For store managers to have to paint walls themself becuase SHC wont pay to have it done, is sad. Question –with Meijer superstores opening 5 stores in Milwaukee in the next 2 years, what is kmarts plan to prepare for meijers entrance into that market? Since kmart had 11 stores in the Milwaukee area, and now have only 5, could they remodel those 5 stores with NICE paint jobs, parking lots, new floors and outdoor signage? Question 4–why did the rockford kmart get remodeled 3 times in 7 yrs…..yet stil does not have the new outdoor sign/logo? and why would they remodel that store 3 times in 7 yrs, yet not remodel the janesville Wisc store not once for 20 yrs? Thank you. question…what is the name of the person who decides if a sears should be converted to a kmart. Question–with kmart struglling over 7 years, and shoppers leaving for competitors in droves,why do executives take vacations when i called? why woudlnt they be at a big round table trying t fiigure out how to fix the chain, instaed of going with how things are? I feel these are legitimate questions, from a customer who is loyal. Why dont the executives care what customers think of the store? thank you so much.


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  1. They shouldn't have to open new stores (but I'd like them to open new Kmart stores). But they need to stop closing they're existing stores.

  2. I totally agree with you 100%! There have been quite a few stores that DID have a bit of money invested in updates such as signage inside & out with even a few of these stores receiving full remodels.

    Most of the stores that have received updates have since been closed which should leave the newer signage left over which makes me sometimes wonder why these signs aren't reused on current stores still in operation.

    The wonderful thing about this site though, us customers can voice our opinion and sometimes we're actually heard and we see change. If you see something small needing attention in certain Kmart locations feel free to state the problem and which store on here and the right people will be notified.

    Nobody seemed to notice a broken sign at one Kmart near my home, was broken for over a year until I came on here to make the problem known. It was fixed the following week! :-)

    Kmart does have competition with Meijer, they are really expanding these days now that Fred the founder passed away. They are reminding me more & more each day of the other evil giant Walmart.

  3. Good Point!

  4. Hi pmmwi. Welcome to the MyKmart Community and thank you for sharing your feedback and concerns here.

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