Have You Used The Layaway Option at Kmart?

I use this option quite a bit. When my kids were smaller I had use it for school and summer clothes. Now we basically use it for holiday’s and for the grand-daughter.  My last layaway was in April with summer clothes for my grand-daughter.

Have you use it? If so, how often and what type of products do you put on layaway?

If not, take a moment to read up on this Kmart option, its great!


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  1. I will only use Layaway for large purchases I can't pay for that day such as my washing machine last fall. I had never used Layaway before that but for me it was a really good transaction for my first use so will use it again when the need arises.

    The first thing most people praise Kmart for when asked is their Layaway. I've heard so many people mention how "they LOVE Layaway" when you mention Kmart in a conversation.

    My best friend will occasionally get a hold of me to plan out a Kmart shopping trip so she can put items on Layaway for her two daughters, she doesn't make a lot of money so this helps her out immensely! Thanks to Kmart providing this great option to customers, her girls have been able to have decent Christmas & birthdays.

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      That is great to hear Izel!

      My whole family use it quite a bit for the little ones. I was very thankful when I was really using it over 15 years ago. The kids clothes are so CUTE and with great quality and normally lasted my kids through the season and then some.

      I will be moving to a smaller town a the end of July and last year our Kmart their was said to be closing. Thankfully they closed one 30 minutes away so I am good to go for my Christmas layaway.

      Since it has been over 10 years since shopping in that store I am looking forward to seeing how it has survived all these years. ;-)

  2. I love Kmart Layaway and use it as well for holiday purchases! I generally use Layaway a couple times a year for holiday shopping and for big purchases, like a new TV.

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      I think my next purchase will be for furniture. Once my daughter moves into her own place in a few months I will be left empty handed LOL

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      No I have never used layaway, as I think you have to pay extra and I need things on sale as it is. But, I am actually leaving a response for Wendy that I left a link in the Birdbath question. It is not exactly what was referred to, but may be of interest and give you ideas.

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      Hi For2Day,

      For layaway you have to put down $15 or 10 percent of your purchase, whichever is larger, to hold your item on layaway. That includes a $5 service fee. In some states, the down payment is even smaller. So it is really not bad especially if shopping for holidays, keeps my family out of the closets looking for the gifts. LOL

      I left you a response in the other post and it couldn't have come at a better time!

      The link is great! ;-)