Have you seen the new ‘Kmart Back To School Layaway — Yo Mama’ ad?

It is so funny!

Click here, then click the video link on our MyKmart home page! The video link is on the right side of our home page, scroll down the page a bit to view the link. Super funny, check it out!

Do you use layaway for Back to School purchases?


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  1. I use the layaway at Kmart, but these new commercials are getting ridiculous. Are they going to feature kids twerking next?

  2. your commercials for back to school are horrible. What makes Kmart think that it is acceptable for children to speak that way? With horrible cocky attitudes and slang broken English? Children today need positive roll models and peers they can look up to. Not bratty YO MOMMA slamming brats! And the rap singing one, Why do you want to stereotype kids like that? Why does Kmart find it necessary to show kinds bumping and gangster hand signs like that to sell clothes?

    1. In response to thatgirl515

      thatgirl515 - I agree...these KMart were influenced by the devil. It is sickening to all who believe that these children have been subjected to the works of man and his broken language only to sell what would be provided by He who knows all. Son dakiki. Son dakiki.Chiki chiki chiki shammmmmpow. HO.. His river flows us giving milk like a mother's milk. Sit. Dine on the meat of God given us all, give us honey from your bosom of love. Plunge your dagger into these that desecrate just Ehud's sword expelled the bowels of thine enemies. Praise and glory to You. Amen.

    2. In response to thatgirl515

      I am with you, acts. Those commercials sound like they have been spewed directly from Lucifer's foul mouth. After watching this commercial my child ran next door and sacrificed the neighbor's dog in the center of his sandbox. When I saw that the flames were getting excessive and went outside with the fire extinguisher, I noticed that he had drawn a pentagram with his plastic shovel and he was sitting cross-legged mumbling "yo momma, yo momma, yo momma" over and over again. No one will convince me that Satan's hand is not at work in these commercials. I'm actually thinking about suing since the price of an exercism has went through the roof ever since Obama was elected.

  3. That is a great new commercial-really memorable.

    Izel-I am with you on the shopping. Especially now that I have 2 boys to dress, too. At least they are pretty easy most of the time. T-shirts year round and splurging on a couple of sports jerseys every year. But, still...those were the days back when we didn't have to worry about that kind of stuff!

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK


      I had always found it so easy to shop for my son too. T-shirts, a few hooded sweatshirts and a couple of pairs of pants and he was good to go. I only say a few pairs of pants for he liked wearing the basketball shorts through the winter. Why? No idea! LOL

      The good ol' days looking at their faces filled with excitement on getting new clothes. Priceless!!

    2. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Is it free back to school alway if u have a reward card?

  4. Funny commercial, still love the Ship Your Pants and Big Gas Savings better but glad to see Kmart still rolling out the humorous commercials.

    I have many memories of shopping at Kmart for the whole "Back to school" sales as a kid with my mom. We always picked out all my clothes and put those on Lay Away around this time of year.

    I MISS!!!! Those days because now I have to buy my own clothing and I don't get all these new outfits to wear a couple times a year like I did back then. Life is unfair like that and we just couldn't wait until we were older. I wish to take those words back I said so many times as a kid. lol

    1. In response to izel8326

      I loved going shopping for my kids and putting their clothes on layaway, at least twice a year. But now they are all grown so we do not go as much.

      Thank goodness though, my grand-daughter has been growing like a weed so I can start this tradition again. The little kid clothes are so dang cute and once we get moved we will be putting her winter clothes on layaway (since they will be already stocking). ;-)