Haunted Houses

I have to admit as an adult, I still LOVE to check out a haunted house or two each Halloween season. The time and effort put into creating these works of art is what amazes me the most. We have quite a few here in Michigan but my favorite is located in an old barn quite a few miles out in the country. (Terror on 27)
Who else likes to check these haunted attractions out each year and what is the name and location of your favorite if you have one?


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  1. I don't visit them anymore, but I'm fascinated by the ingenuity of many creators of the maccabre ! I used to really enjoy the hauntings too :) !

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      Great to see you both here!! I love the haunted trails and houses as well as an adult! Haunted trails and corn mazes are big in this area for some reason. We love the outdoors in NC. :) I don't have a favorite location but really enjoy taking part in the festivities during Halloween! It's always fun to get spooked this time of year. haha

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      Howdy Laurel !!! And Happy Halloween(^,..,^)!
      Hopefully the storm doesn't play havoc with any of your plans this week :):) !