Has anyone tried the “Deep Woods Off” Insect Repellent?

Is “Deep Woods Off” safe for toddlers? My 3 year old grand-daughter is going camping with her father this weekend and he had picked this brand up today. We have not used it personally for we have had no need for it until now.

Please share your thoughts for I have heard it is a pretty good brand, but not sure if safe for little kids to have on.

Thank you! ;)


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  1. You should be careful using a product with DEET in it for a 3 year old. DEET is not safe for human consumption. You might want to find a DEET-free alternative.

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      It was a big concern on our part PrincessAM and I thank you for your feedback!

      In fact we have sought a more natural healthy repellent to put on her if need be. My hope is that she will be like my kids and not have to worry about putting anything on.

      So far we have been lucky as far as insects around our apartment to not have to put anything on. ;)

  2. Pardon my late entry :) !
    I too have wondered if DWOff is safe for younger kids. Laurel has a good point about the alternatives, and my suggestion would be to find a repellant with nearly the same amount of DEET in it but maybe has a more pleasant scent, as it needs to be put on some parts of the outer face too. Or use a natural alternative for the face while using DWOff for the rest of the areas... Good luck to the camping trip ('',) !

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      Thank you for your input yobarps and agree wholeheartedly!!

      So far we had decided for him not to put on the face, unless he feels it is absolutely necessary. Not having been to the campsite it is unknown as to what the insect origin may be there.

      This will be the big test for as I mentioned, my kids had grown up without the use of any repellents for we had always been lucky enough in using other means of keeping insects away.

      I will keep you posted on how this works out for I am sure it may help others who may be thinking of using this product with the little ones. ;)

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      Thank-a-bunch :):) !

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      Update on how this had worked for my grand-baby!

      Her father had not applied to the facial area and she seemed to do well with it on her arms and legs, but did make a face at the smell of it.

      This specific product had been applied to 4 children ranging from 3 years to 9 years and all had fared well with it on with only the oldest applying to their face.

      They all went home with no bites which is quite wonderful for a product that we had never used before. ;)

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      Very cool outcome, Wendy ! These days we no longer just have irritating little welts from nature, with all the 'stuff' included out there...
      Glad that things went bite-less :):) !

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      Me too! I was very happy to have her home with no little itchy surprises. ;)

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      (^*,)For sure, Wendy ! Happy Weekend !

  3. I send my older guy to overnight camp with the Deep Woods Off-this is actually the one the camp director recommended. He has been using it since he was 7 or so. I think it is pretty safe. And works really well, too! He never complains of bug bites while he is away.

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Thanks Julie! That make me feel a little bit better.

      I guess he can try it out this weekend to see how it works on her as well as any reactions. I am not much for using these types of products for my kids have always fared pretty well growing up with out it.

      I appreciate your input for it is always scary putting on anything new without having used it first myself. ;)

  4. This is the brand we use at my house! I have found it works very well and I would trust it for your granddaughter. I have seen lots of all natural insect repellents around the internet this year as well though and I am really interested in trying an all natural alternative! If you are concerned about the chemicals, I would recommend googling an all natural alternative. Let us know what you decide to use, Wendy!

    1. In response to laurelS

      I too have looked into natural repellents just for cases like this. I think we can do a trial on her this weekend just to see how much she attracts the insects and then put it on her.

      The smell alone is what gets me and I know it will probably be an issue with her too once it is put on. The good thing is that she is old enough and keeping her hands out of her mouth, so at least their is no stressing in that aspect LOL