Has anyone bought a blender or an iron?

I have to make a choice between getting a blender, or an iron. Any suggestions of which brand anyone likes, dislikes or type? If it is an iron, I usually like a good pressing, heavy one with stainless steel. But, I am thinking a smaller one, may be adaptable to more types of items. The blender is mostly for breaking down ice for drinks, but I would like a variable speed one. Too bad the metal types I have seen are not that. I did read some reviews and descriptions, but there were not enough to make a decision.


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  1. Hi For2Day,

    I personally do not like to iron, so I have my old one which has lasted 10 years so far.

    We did however buy a blender about a year ago and love it. My kids make a lot of smoothies with it and we have not had any issues. We did not get it from this site, but I wanted you to be able to have a visual off what ours looks likes.

    Black and Decker Blender

    The only thing that I do not really like, is that it is glass, and for me on my pain days, seems quite heavy. We have in the past had blenders with glass, but they were not as heavy duty as this one seems to be.

    But over all I would rate it a 9/10 just because the ease of using it and that I do not have to make the smoothies and shakes for my kids who are 19 and 25!

    Let us know what you finally decide on and give us a rating on your thoughts after using it. ;)

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      So funny, my husband is obsessed with ironing! I think it's quite odd. :)

      We use our iron daily, but only use the blender a couple times a week. I would recommend the iron we own, it has served us well over a number of years. I don't recall exactly how long we've owned it but I would guess at least 5 years.

      It is a Sunbeam, I believe this exact model.

      Hope this helps, let us know what you decide on!

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      I keep switching back and forth and want to make use of a coupon they sent. Maybe, I should check what qualifies. My free shipping will expire very soon and I want to get something that I need. I do like the old type of heavy irons, but it is hard to press small areas (I do a lot of sewing). In fact, I tried somebody's newer light iron and it was terrible. I may have to just read reviews for some elsewhere and then decide for both. Or, wait to see if anyone comes to comment. I have to take another look tonight.

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      Thanks for the link and I have no idea how that works. I did look at a Sunbeam and it was rated well, but not in stock and there was a similar one. I have no idea if it just means one is newer, as in version or what. The one from the link only had a review and it was low. So, I am now really confused. I did see one that was interesting, I think it was temperature control without mercury.

    4. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Ooops! Sorry about that! I fixed it.

      I have you typed in for a global search yet? Something like 'best steam irons 2013"?

      At least it can give you some of the top irons and maybe that might help you in finding one to. Then you can see if they have them that you can use your rewards on.

      Just a another thought to try ;)

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