Goodbye Big Kmart (Dort Highway) Flint MI

I really dislike seeing any Kmart store announce their closure but this store should have closed years ago. The location has good traffic but all I can say is its a not so good area for the most part. This store should have been closed in 2009 instead of the Corunna MI store.


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  1. They must be on the closing band wagon again, I also heard another Kmart in Tennessee will be closing at the end of the year, so sad!!

  2. Hope you have another Kmart close by to shop! Was this the closest Kmart location for you?

    1. In response to laurelS

      This one is about the same distance from my home as my favorite Kmart over in Saint Johns. Shopped at this one only once or twice, not a good area so avoid it if possible. The Flint area has a handful of stores to choose from, the Miller rd store being the closest out of any Kmart to my home. The one on Miller rd is very small but not a bad store to pick up your basic stuff at, also was listed on the closure list back in 2003 but they are still hanging on. The closing store over on Dort Hwy was very outdated and disorganized. My only hope is this stores closure will help keep a good one open elsewhere.

    2. In response to laurelS

      Hey I worked at the store as security for 2 years. I enjoyed workinh yhier along with other coworkers that where thier for 14 years or longer. It put good people out of work and on the streets. The store was great even thoe it had a few issues but in all it was the area not the store. So watch what you say about that store please it was home to many who loved the store and enjoyed going to work everyday.

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