Good Morning, Community !

Just another friendly reminder of my continued loyalty to this K-Community ! I’ll be stopping in every now and again to help with answers and comments to our neighbor’s postings, and I can always be found by email ( for a virtual cup of coffee and scones {^^, !!


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  1. Hello, Yobarps! This is my first visit to the community since the format change, and, boy, am I confused! So much has changed, and I miss the way things used to be. Hopefully, though, this new format will take off and will be as helpful to customers and Kmart fans as the previous format was.

    1. In response to ericdn

      Hello, and welcome back, Eric !
      I'm sorry for not watching this thread so long ago... I hope that you'll continue with the community anew :):) !

  2. Hi friend! what in the world happened to our board? I came looking for it and you one day and it said you didn't exist =( so do we not have discussion boards here at all now?

    Hi Laurel!! I don't see my friends list or profile now.. any and all help appreciated AND if I don't get back on before turkey day..

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!! (Bret's been in the hospital and looking at another surgery, so time here is few and far between now)

  3. Morning, yobarps! It's great to see you. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. We're so thankful to have your support!

    1. In response to laurelS

      A calmed wind for you out that way, Laurel ! Thanks for the kindness, and all my best wishes for every touched soul in Sandy's reach {^^,!

    2. In response to laurelS

      Yobarps,, can you see this? I miss the old board, is there a place you go on here now to 'chat'? like there was before.. hope you are well.. Lynn

    3. In response to laurelS

      Oh My Goodness ! HELLO, Granny !
      A good friend just sent me an alert of your message - I'm sorry to have forgotten to look at all of the prior threads...

      I hope that you have been well ! This is what's left of our terrific community, minus so many attributes like blogs, pictures and contacts :(

      I hope that you'll write me at and we can chat ! Also look for the latest entries under "All Q&A's" - that's where you'll find our latest postings :):) ! Thank you for reaching out to me, my wonderful friend {^^,] !

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