“Gif-fing Out”? Seriously? It must be true that Kmart has 13 & 14 yr old teenage boys and girls running their ad department! This series of commercials suck. I am actually embarrassed for Kmart. The whole ghetto yo mama set of ads didn’t teach you any lessons about trying to be cool? Do yourselves a favor and jettison the GIF commercials now and hope they are swiftly forgotten by shoppers


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  1. I agree, yes their marketing team has made their company remember-able; however the commercial about gif-ing and the repeat is so annoying it actually makes me nauseous and dizzy. It is so annoying I refuse to shop at kmart because if someone is that stupid to launch a commercial like that, they don't deserve the business.....I had a similar experience and I refused to give target my business.....this has also deemed true with AT&T....while I remember their commercial I won't give them as I am a psych major you need to really think through your commercials because the one on tv now is one to commit someone to an asylum based on how annoying it is...thanks!I have enough things going on in my life than to hear some **** from kmart excited on "repeat"

  2. Know what? Just the fact that we are talking about the K-mart commercial is proof that it is a successful marketing strategy. Only commercials that are remembered are worth's perfect textbook marketing psychology. Like every great commercial advertiser in the SuperBowl knows-- the most irritating, most ridiculously cloying, sometimes rather outrageous and annoyingly edgy commercial is the one that gets the public's attention...and their memory.
    K-mart is the probable winner of that dubious honor and award this season...and anyone who really understands advertising "gets" it, even if the general consensus of opinion is ..."that commercial really gets on my nerves..."

    See what I mean?

    Now...wait and see ... others will follow with the same kind of "stupid" catchy strategy...because it WORKS.

    1. In response to LuceeClair

      YOU know what? You're as full of **** as K-Mart. An ad campaign that is annoying does not equal success. Don't confuse this with celebrities where any attention, good or bad, ends up in their favor. People will steer clear of with the exception of those like yourself, that have an adolescent mentality. Do some research before you pull assumptions out of your rear. Talking about how annoying this is doesn't put any money in K-Mart's pocket. What an idiot.

    2. In response to LuceeClair

      Let me work in the ad department and are trying to save your job?

      The purpose of a commercial is to bring customers in and not to annoy them so they don't bother with you. I refuse to go into Kmart or purchase anything online from kmart because of these commercials. Total turn off! These commercials are dumb and serve no real purpose because they really don't advertise anything except for a choppy form of animation that went out of style about 7 or 8 years ago. To be honest, I thought the people were having some sort of seizure and found it to be in poor taste.

    3. In response to LuceeClair

      Know what? I'm with the other replies. The commercial series is so irritating I took the time to track down a way to give them negative feedback.

      I like kmart and shop there often. But implanting a response to the name that's like nails on a chalkboard is not good advertising.

      Whenever the ad comes on, I mute or change the channel. I'm in the process of contacting the programs that have them to tell them what I think and how I feel after watching several during their programming.

      I think you underestimate how irritating they are for some people. It would not surprise me if I subconsciously avoid kmart in the future. With so many other options out there, do they really want to bury negative feelings in people associated with their brand name?

      BTW, I only ask folks about it when it's on and someone else is watching it with me. It's not like I bring it up in conversation. Why would I want to bring up something irritating. Everyone agrees that they hate them when I do ask. 'Hate' & 'irritating' are not words I'd want associated with my product.

      There are so many other ways to get attention. It could have been clever or funny, but irritating? some point it 'tips' to a negative return.

    4. In response to LuceeClair

      Hey Bob, why so harsh? You don't need to act like that in order to make your point.

  3. Their marketing team HAS accomplished part of their goal...viewers are noticing and talking about their .gif commercial. What would be even better for Sears/KMart is turning those viewers into customers. Many consumers have memories of shopping at Sears and KMart with their parents and grandparents. Want a chance to get some of us back in your stores? Stop with the nasty, stereotypical, degrading, etc. advertising. Ugh! KMart's tv ads have been disgusting me for months. It isn't the worst thing in the world - just a tv commercial - but geez, why put out garbage like that? And why would a business want their advertising leaving a bad taste in a potential customer's mouth? It is beyond me!

    1. In response to pattycakes482

      But we are talking about negatively on kmart's site. It is not like we are going to lunch with friends and saying "wow did you see that dumb kmart commercial? It's so annoying lets run over there to get jackets after we eat" We are simply pointing out that Kmart got taken by this advertising company/department.

  4. It is so stupid, I can't stand it.

  5. Ok, your last deal today has expired. Take this ANNOYING commercial off the air! I'm boycotting your store because you got on my last nerves.

    1. In response to gagi1

      I am with you. I refuse to shop there because their commercials are so irritating that now I have a complete negative association with their store.

  6. The giffing commercial has got to be the most annoying one I have ever heard. I mute the tv when it comes on. Evidently, this is the reaction of a majority of the people online, as the facebook page is covered with people complaining. Please take the commercial off!

    1. In response to wolfclanwoman

      I complained on their FB page and they apologized that it isn't my style" Really??? When did THAT become a style?

  7. I agree with Nunnya. This really makes me despise Kmart and stay as far away from them as possible. Each new commercial gets even more annoying. And while we are at it, how about those commercials featuring children with speech impediments...... or is it supposed to be endearing that what is being said is hardly audible? I think not..... Kmart get new Commercial writers and clean up your stores.

  8. You can pronounce .gif a lot of different ways; there's no point in being critical over that. You'd actually know that if you'd actually been out on the internet more. Actually, I only ended up here because I tried to figure out if that's actually what was being said...
    If you're that embarrassed by the commercials though, just don't shop there. That's the only good way to send a message to a company, especially a general store. Once enough people do that, they'll realize they're out of touch with their audience/customers.

    1. In response to DumbNames

      If they are actually saying "giffing" rather than "gifting," then there is ONLY ONE way to say it. The inventor of the file format says it is pronounced JIF.

  9. As 'Ohgeez' mentioned, it's pronounced 'jif'.

  10. Not to mention they didn't even pronounce "gif" right. Embarrassing..

    1. In response to Ohgeez

      To Kmart is that not our style too??

  11. Hi Nunnya,

    Welcome to the MyKmart Forum!

    We regret if it was not your style.

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      They are trying to explain to you that you sound like a COMPLETE bunch of idiots.

      The word is pronounced with a HARD G (like a "J") sound.

    2. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      I don't believe it has anything to do with style or what I read here about how the words are pronounced. It has to do with a stupid and insulting commercial showing two adults seemingly running around their car with the sound track repeating itself many, many times followed buy the same two adults taking repeated turns smacking one another on the ****.
      If this type of commercial is productive for your company I am sure you don't need any of my business. The commercial is annoying after seeing it perhaps 25+ times in the last two days and probably 5 times an hour. It is insulting as well. It makes me want to change the channel every time it comes up and absolutely does not entice me into wanting to shop at your stores.

    3. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Yes, the word is pronounced "Jif," but just so ya' know, "Jif" represents a "soft" G sound. Words like "girl," "gift" and "glove" are the HARD G sound. Let's get it right...

    4. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      I've been in advertising for over 20 years. This is in the top 3 WORST, MOST ANNOYING commercials I've ever seen! Who the heck thought this would somehow be appealing? HATE IT! Poor choice, KMart.

    5. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      They are the worst commercials I have ever seen. Stupid, annoying and the dumbest thing I have ever seen. And who says "gifing out"? It makes no sense, and I wouldn't go near a Kmart if there were one anywhere near me.

    6. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      I suspect that if they pronounced it correctly (I grew up with .gifs and still refuse to pronounce it jif), people would be complaing wondering what kmart has to do with peanut butter. Regardless, it is still old tech and does little to nothing to improve the "going to kmart with your grandparents" image. While people do remember the ad is for kmart and are talking about it, if it isn't bringing customers into the store, it is not successful. In fact this particular one seems to be doing more harm as people are citing it as the primary reason to avoid the store. When I first heard it, I thought they were saying "giffing out", until I looked at a calendar that said 2013 and thought "I must be hearing it wrong". I just passed it off as kmart being dumb. Turns out they were saying "giffing" and now I think even worse of it.

    7. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Your company looks rather idiotic to blanket statement that you regret if it was not our style. We are giving you valuable information about your branding strategy this has nothing to do with our style. The commercial is idiotic and annoying to everyone who has complained about it because we can't stand it, which has nothing to do with our style. If your commercial is this annoying why would I want to visit your store?

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