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Getting rid of tree stumps?

I heard of drilling holes and putting in powered milk but I havne’t tried that and don’t know how often to add the milk


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  1. The timing varies, depending on the ultimate treatment. First, use a 1-inch drill bit. Drill holes (spaced 2 to 4 inches apart, and from 4 to 6 inches deep) within 2 inches of the outer bark to create a ring of holes. Drill several holes near the center as well. Pour water over the top of the stump to dampen, then pack powdered milk into the holes. Some gardeners also add 1 tablespoon of compost or granular fertilizer per one cup of powered milk to super feed the wood-decaying fungus and speed the process along. Keep in mind that warm, moist conditions will create the ultimate environment for the fungus to grow. That said, some people cover the stump with black plastic (place rocks or bricks on top so the plastic doesn’t blow away), then check beneath the plastic every week or so to replenish the powdered milk as needed. Each time the holes need replenishing, you need to dampen the top of the stump before refilling the holes. Others simple cover the top of the stump with mulch that they keep consistently moist. So the short answer is, as often as it needs refilling. Good luck!

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