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I recently added a new profile picture as a way to show an example of a nice Kmart Garden Center, this is how all Kmart stores should be. I would love to see the canopy type awnings placed above the live plants in this shot used at the Saint Johns Michigan Big Kmart this coming spring of 2013. The current set-up at this store in Saint Johns doesn’t even provide the typical over-hang most Kmart stores already have over the sidewalk directly in front of the store where they keep most of the live plants and flowers. The big problem this store faces with this is the fact the store faces the West putting these plants in the direct hot sun, add employee neglect with lack of watering and the plants are dead or wilting within days of delivery. I wanted to purchase most of my flowers at this store this past year but due to the condition of the plants I was forced to go a mile down the road to Andy T’s nursery which has higher prices but more of a selection of well cared for plants. I would still buy from Kmart as long as the plants are healthy which some Kmart stores do take very good care of this area, Sturgis Michigan Kmart for example did a superb job with theirs this year.


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  1. That is a nice photo, and we don't have nurseries here, except if you go far by car. I have a Home Depot, but their plants are terrible. I ended up buying their seeds, but those disappeared when I last went back. I have to see the ads next year to see if Kmart even has plants here. I wonder if they ship out gardening supplies.

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      Kmart usually carries a decent selection of flowers and outdoor plants at all stores, some obviously more than others depending on store size. We are lucky here in Michigan because no matter where you go there is always a greenhouse or nursery around the corner. I prefer Kmart first due to the whole Rewards program I'm quite active in but always have options, almost too many. :-)

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