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Abundance of fresh zucchini and squash – need recipe ideas!

My neighbor has an abundance of fresh zucchini & squash from the garden is sharing a lot with my family. While I am truly grateful for the delicious fresh produce, I am running out of creative ways to prepare the veggies!

Looking for recipes to use these babies up! Please share your creative recipe ideas here.


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  1. Zucchini chips surprisingly use a lot of zucchini...and they're baked so they're good for you!

    Here's a recipe I use often:

  2. I have been trying to sign in and in Firefox it would not let me. Thought it was the site. In any case, they stuff and fry the squash blossoms. The first two times I had them, it had a bugs. But, the last time it didn't but I only had one and I don't even remember if I could taste it. I am thinking sundried tomatoes with garlic, olive oil and maybe olives. (Could not think of what so threw that in)

    1. In response to For2Day

      Hi For2Day!

      I am happy to see that you were able to post. Please let us know if you have any issues when signing into the Community and what browser you had been using.

      Great idea! Sounds yummy!

  3. My mouth is watering with those two ideas, Wendy & Julie !!!
    I'm wondering if you can also incorporate the veggies into guacamole, Laurel ? {^^,] ?

    1. In response to yobarps

      What a great idea yobarbs!

      I just did a quick online search and there are quite a few yummy looking dip recipes to be tried.

      Maybe a stir fry? Those are always quite simple to make and delicious at the same time!

      To top that off, some tasty zucchini bread?

    2. In response to yobarps

      Thanks, Wendy ! And zucchini bread seems to always be a hit :D !

  4. I am sure you have already cooked them this way, but we have always fried ours, for the kids tend to like it best this way.

    Just coat each slice of zucchini with egg, then press into cracker crumbs (we use the butter rounds), coating both sides. Shake off excess and place the breaded zucchini onto a plate while breading the rest; do not stack.

    Heat your olive oil in a skillet (medium heat).

    Fry zucchini until crust browns and zucchini softens, about 3 minutes on each side.

    Season with salt and pepper or any other ingredients of your choice.

  5. I LOVE zucchini and squash. We make a super simple pasta with it around here. Just cut up in about 1/4 inch slices and sautee with olive oil, oregano, garlic, red onion salt and pepper. Make sure the zucchini and squash are not mushy-barely cooked. Garnish with parmesan cheese and that's it!

    You can really get the taste and crunch of the veggies-super summertime flavor!

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