Freezer is cold, fridge is not.

9 year old GE tbx220abrrww the fridge is at 59 degrees this morning after we used a soft brush and vacuum to clean coils on the bottom..that was difficult. We moved the unit away from the wall a couple more inches and adjusted the controls. We also took alot of stuff out of fridge. The fan at the back is working. Now what?


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  1. have your defost timer checked that is usually the issue if there is ice build up in the frzr walls they cost about 100 and the installation cost unless you are a dyi kind of person

  2. Cleaning the coils is a great idea and should be repeated once a year. If there is a condenser fan near the compressor make sure it is working. The freezer fan must also work to blow cold air into the refrigerator section. The refrigeration section may take up to 24 hours to get cold. Check the rear freezer wall for frost build up. The ususal suspect that causes this problem is a frost build up in the freezer. I hope this helps.

  3. The first thing that I would check is the duct between the freezer and the refrigerator to make sure that it is not blocked by food items being placed too close to it.

  4. Recently had this same event to happen to my fridge and side by freezer. Service people came out and were able to repair it quite quickly. It was a tired and worn out relay switch. That was about 2 or 3 months ago and it has worked great since.

  5. My fridge had ice build up between freezer and fresh food areas. I could not correct by cleaning. I had serviceman check for problem. He checked normal problems... condenser, thermostat, fan, etc. He ended up pulling off inside panels and found it clogged with ice. his recommendation was to shut off fridge, take out everything and leave open for a few days to allow ice to melt.. or get him back to do quick defrost. Guess I'll have him back if it ever happens again as I do not have another fridge to transfer items.

  6. When ours did this, my husband took it outside & used an air compressor to clean out the lines in the freezer. They were stopped up & afterwards it worked fine.

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